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Mark (lost 15cm around waist)
"Love the shake in almond milk blended with a stick blender – too easy"

Monique - Treedale

"I made a shake for my husband this morning and added yoghurt and banana, he loved it. He called at 10am and said he felt great and he's going to keep having them for breaky". Thanks for introducing us.

Lynda - Australind

Day 1: I tried the shake this morning and enjoyed it. It was yummy and at 12pm i had something to eat. I wasn't hungry and was really active.
Day 2: I felt more alert today.

Mel - Bunbury

Day 1: I did push myself harder at exercise this morning and burnt way more calories than normal!! and came home and tackled 2 washing baskets of the boys clothes.
Day 2: Today i have been flat out with no time to stop, so definitely more energy... I am also not quite as hungry as normal either, which is a good thing!!!

John - Port Macquarie

"I have lost weight since using the ideal breakfast shake to replace one meal daily. I love it at lunch time instead of boring sandwiches. I find it keeps me full and energetic through the afternoon."

Donna - Australind

"It tastes great, gives me lots of energy, love it. It's honestly the best i've felt in the morning for a while, i was going to try it for a while before saying that but can't wait to work out tomorrow after having it as i felt energised". Thanks heaps. I would definitely recommend it.

Kim - Port Macquarie

"Not normally a breakfast person and not sure whether I like smoothies, I was surprised at how easy and delicious The Ideal Breakfast Shake is. I am now addicted."

Janelle - Port Macquarie

"Ever since I started drinking Ideal Breakfast shake smoothies I feel more energetic and have lost the bloated feeling from eating cereal. It is quick and easy, perfect for my busy lifestyle."

James - Uki

"I love the Ideal Breakfast shake because it is quick and easy to make with a stick blender, milk and frozen berries. It keeps me full and energetic until lunch time."


Ideal Breakfast Shake Ideal Breakfast Shake Ideal Breakfast Shake

"Ideal  Breakfast Shake tastes so good!
...and my energy levels are through the roof!, thanks."