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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the 1 kg bag last?

The 1 kg bag contains 33 serves.

Can I use The Ideal Breakfast Shake to lose weight?

Yes — being high protein, low sugar and nutrient dense it can be used as part of a healthy diet and exercise program.

Is the shake only for breakfast?

No — it's a perfect replacement for any meal or snack. It can also be used to speed recovery after exercise.

Can I use non-dairy milk?

Of course!

I am lactose intolerant; can I still use the breakfast shake?

A small amount of lactose and casein is present due to the whey protein. However many lactose sensitive people can tolerate small amounts, so use with caution.

Is the breakfast shake gluten free / coeliac friendly?

Yes! No gluten and no hidden additives.

I notice that I am full for hours after drinking the shake; does it contain appetite suppressants?

No — The Ideal breakfast Shake was originally formulated as an alternative for people with no time or inclination to eat breakfast. It is high in protein and nutrient dense, all of which give a sense of fullness by stabilising blood glucose levels.

How does the shake taste so good without sweeteners or flavours?

The first priority was to ensure that the shake had no added sugar or artificial ingredients. Interestingly, the combination of super–foods, berries, vanilla bean and stevia is not only nutrient dense but naturally delicious. Blended with milk and berries it tastes awesome.

Is it safe to take when pregnant or breast feeding?

The breakfast shake ingredients are all foods; however there is a potential risk when trying a food for the first time, so check with a health professional.

Can I give the shake to my teenage son who does a lot of sport?

Yes — the recommended dose (1 scoop) provides an ideal amount of high quality protein to aid recovery after exercise. It can also be with fruit juice to provide an ideal ratio of carbohydrates to protein.

Ideal Breakfast Shake Ideal Breakfast Shake Ideal Breakfast Shake

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